Message from Mayor
Planning City with the Welfare and Culture, where Sports are Very Popular
First I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the citizens that have worked for the development of Toyokawa City for many years.

Toyokawa City was born by the merger with Toyokawa town, Ushikubo town, Ko town and Yawata village in 1943. Since 2006 the merger negotiation has been advanced among 4 towns of Hoi county.

The merger with 4 towns of Hoi county ended and new Toyokawa City of 180,000 population was born by the merger with Kozakai town in February 2010.

Times has changed largely and right now it is a very hard time.
I feel that Toyokawa City and all the citizens should work together for the further development of our city.
In addition, we are trying our best to make Toyokawa City really trusted, bright and rich city

Minoru Yamawaki, Mayor

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