Outline of Toyokawa
Toyokawa City Location
Outline of Toyokawa
Toyokawa City is located in East Mikawa, the southeast part of Aichi Prefecture, which is in the central region of long, slender Japan. It is about 60km, a one-hour car drive, from Nagoya, the prefecture capital. Toyokawa spreads out in the central flatlands and plains, with the foothills of the Mikawa Mountains to the north and the first class Toyogawa River flowing in the east.
Toyokawa, a comfortable city with a mild climate and blessed with nature, has thrived from ancient times as a center of politics, economics and culture. Born on June 1, 1943 as the 208th ranked city in Japan,Toyokawa has developed since as a middle-sized core city in the region through its balance of commerce, industry and agriculture. Toyokawa is famous throughout the country as a production area though the progress made by transportation equipment, general machinery and electronics, as well as for agricultural products such as spray chrysanthemums, roses and beefsteak leaves.

Now, with a population about 180,000 people, Toyokawa is making progress in building a personalized, charming city based on its 5th general plan setting the goal of creating a "Livable and Refreshing City with All Citizens' Participation". Also,in 1978 Toyokawa entered into a sister-city relationship with Cupertino City (California, USA), and since then international interchange at the citizen level has been undertaken such as junior high school student exchanges and so on Moreover the friendship city relationship with Wuxi New District (Jiangsu, China) was concluded in 2009.

Toyokawa City Location

City Location
(City Hall)

1-1 Suwa Toyokawa,Aichi
East Longitude 137o22'33"
North Latitude 34o49'37"
City Area 160.63km2
Population 182,679
(As of February 1,2010)
Households 65,585
(As of February 1,2010)

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